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Voices from Syria: living as refugees

Moustapha (14), Aliyah (11) and Hassan (14) are all from the same family. They describe their flight from Syria, arrival in Lebanon, and how Christian Aid partner Mouvement Social have helped them to return to school and feel accepted in Lebanon.

Refugees in Lebanon: a family's story

Moustapha, Aliyah and Hassan at an educational class for Syrian refugees in Lebanon run by Christian Aid partner Mouvement Social

Moustapha, Aliyah and Hassan

We were so happy in Syria. We lived simply, but also in peace and happiness. Like all other children in the world, we began the day by going to school to learn and to play with our friends.

Suddenly everything changed.

No more school, no more play, only fear and suspicion. Then we began to hear bombing. This was very frightening, but the hardest of all was the decision to leave the village and our country.

So we fled, and arrived in the northern suburb of Beirut. We left a big house to live (two families) in just two rooms.

No school agreed to take us. We felt that in an instant our lives had changed. No more school means we had become street children.


Aliyah: education brings hope

'It is like a second chance in my life - to begin to learn again and to not be out in the street.'

Hope arrived through the alternative classes from Mouvement Social in Sin-el-Fi: it was like a lifeboat, if it hadn’t been there, my life could have turned into hell.

It is like a second chance in my life - to begin to learn again and to not be out in the street. I was happy to have classmates, and to pick up the rhythm of school again, to arrive in the morning and leave again at 2pm.

To read and write, take part in the different activities, draw, and do drama.

I feel good, I am not different from the others, they also have difficulties, but Jimmy our teacher takes care to explain things to us, and the best thing is that I am starting to really master my reading. They have a great way of helping us learn.

The thing that makes me happiest is that once again I am living like any other child in the world, but especially that I am accepted and treated like all the others. I am not different, I am their friend.

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