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Gaza Crisis Appeal: how we're responding

The summer of 2014 was dreadful. Thousands of homes were destroyed and agricultural land razed to the ground. The scenes of devastation and loss were beyond comprehension.

Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of children showed signs of distress having witnessed awful things.

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Your donations helped provide...

  • Desperately needed healthcare to thousands of people every day - both during the conflict, and in the weeks and months that followed.

  • Clean water for 20,000 people displaced from their homes.

  • Blankets, mattresses, cooking sets and hygiene kits for people who were made homeless during the conflict.

  • Psychosocial support to children and young people who were distressed from what they witnessed.

  • Food relief for 200 female-headed households.

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What we're doing: our response in detail

Emergency healthcare

During the conflict, staff and volunteers from our emergency partner the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) risked their own lives to deliver life-saving treatment and care to injured people in their homes.

Furthermore, through their mobile clinics they provided desperately needed essential healthcare and treatment to approximately 8,000 people every day who had taken refuge in UN schools.

Doctor Bassam Zaquot, Director of Emergency Programmes at PMRS, described what it was like during the conflict and the vital importance of PMRS’ work:

‘Emergency needs started to emerge. A lot of casualties went to hospital, but due to the high numbers of injured people, many were discharged early. This was even for people whose wounds were very severe and people who were in need of treatment.

So we started to do home-based care visits. This was during the attacks and it was very dangerous for the team, but it was an emergency. We were delivering life-saving services. Infected wounds can cause septicaemia.’

Baha', a young man from Gaza, being treated by our partner

Staff from PMRS’ home-based care team treat 16-year-old Baha’ who was hit with shrapnel in both legs during a shelling in his neighbourhood in Shejaiya. Credit: Christian Aid/Heidi Levine.

Getting clean, safe water to people

Half a million people fled their homes during the conflict and 1.5 million people were left with no, or limited, access to water. There was severe damage to water and sanitation facilities.


In light of the critical humanitarian need, our partner PARC (the Agricultural Development Association) successfully set up access to safe, clean water for 20,000 people.

Owing to the widespread destruction to farmers’ agricultural land, and with DEC funding, PARC employed daily labourers to help farmers restore their damaged land and destroyed livelihoods.

Furthermore, labourers were employed to repair and rebuild vital infrastructure such as roads and irrigation systems, which were damaged or demolished in the conflict.

Psychosocial support for children who've witnessed atrocities

With thousands made homeless by the conflict, our partner the Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA) went out onto the streets to provide blankets, mattresses, cooking sets and hygiene kits to people who were left with nothing.

Khan Younis, the location of CFTA’s centres, was a major target of the ground offensive. With more than 373,000 children and young people reported as deeply distressed as a result of the atrocities they witnessed, their work has been vital. They have begun working with children and young people to provide therapeutic activities to try to start to relieve some of the suffering.

Lama among rubble in Gaza

Fifteen-year-old Lama stands next to the rubble of her home, which was bombed while she and her family were inside. Lama now attends one of CFTA’s centres and uses art as a way of lifting the heaviness from her heart. Credit: Christian Aid/Heidi Levine.  

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