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Gaza Crisis Appeal: unimaginable suffering

The ceasefire announced between Israel and the Palestinians last month brought an end to seven weeks of relentless violence and suffering.

However, the destruction and devastation witnessed was unprecedented and it will require long-term support to help people to rebuild lives free from fear and violence.

Thanks to your generosity, our Gaza Crisis Appeal has already raised more than £1 million. In addition, we have received a further £0.5 million from the DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal. This means that we can support our partners on the long road to recovery.

There is so much to be done

Thousands of Palestinian homes were destroyed. It was estimated that over 108,000 Palestinians were made homeless with limited access to water.

Our partner PARC is reporting huge losses of agricultural lands and fishing boats; destroying the livelihoods of thousands of farmers and fishers whose way of life depends on farming and fishing.

An estimated 373,000 children are showing symptoms of increasing distress and will require specialised psychosocial support.

Our partners are working tirelessly to provide urgently needed medical aid, clean water and food, humanitarian essentials – such as cooking kits to families made homeless, and psychosocial support to children and young people who have lived through another period of brutal conflict. Our partners’ work is not over. It is just beginning. Please give today.

While we welcome the ceasefire and share our partners’ relief, we are clear that it cannot be the end of the road. The ceasefire must be the first step in creating a permanent situation where people can rebuild their lives in the knowledge that they will not be threatened again by conflict.

To ensure that this is the last ceasefire that will ever need to be negotiated, it must tackle the root causes of conflict and end the untenable situation that existed prior to recent hostilities.

We believe that for this to happen, the climate of impunity must come to an end, and every individual and collective action must be accounted for.

If Israelis and Palestinians are to be truly secure, and to end the poverty that degrades the lives of so many, the occupation must end and everyone must be treated equally.

You can read more about our position in the document This is not about Gaza.

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Eyewitness video: living in terror

Christian Aid's Azzam Alsaqqa provides moving testimony about the situation in Gaza. 'I've been living in Gaza all my life and what we are experiencing at the moment is unbelievable, unprecedented.'


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A doctor treats a young patient in Gaza

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We're providing urgent healthcare, food, clean water and emergency support to people in desperate need.

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We pray with and for our sisters and brothers in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

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Gaza Crisis Appeal

The people of Gaza need your support. Help us respond to the crisis.

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This isn't about Gaza >

We believe the current crisis in Gaza should not be a surprise to anyone - read our latest statement.

Christian Aid is explicit in its concern for the security of Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike, and we have publicly condemned the escalating violence by all sides. Continuous air and sea strikes by Israel into the Gaza Strip, as well as the Israeli ground offensive, and rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, are devastating the lives of civilians caught up in the conflict