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Gaza Crisis Appeal: unimaginable suffering

Thousands of innocent people have been killed and injured by Israel’s offensive in Gaza. Thousands more have fled their homes – but there is simply no refuge.

In one of the most densely populated spaces in the world, nowhere has proved safe and they cannot leave. Ordinary men, women and children are terrified for their future.

We're deeply concerned for the security of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians and condemn all violence against civilians without exception. We will address humanitarian need wherever it is.

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Please donate to the Gaza Crisis Appeal


Our response

Emergency healthcare

Our partner the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) is operating two mobile clinics and they are reaching areas that were previously cut off from humanitarian assistance. They are providing comprehensive and desperately needed healthcare and treatment to approximately 8,000 people every day who are taking refuge in UN schools.

Provision of food relief

Our partner Women’s Affairs Centre (WAC) aims to support 200 female-headed households by offering them vouchers to provide food and essential hygiene items.

Getting clean, safe water to people

Thousands of people have now fled their homes, and 1.5 million people have no, or limited access to water.

In light of the critical humanitarian need, our partner the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) has successfully set up access to safe, clean drinking water in all areas identified by their needs assessment, despite difficulties in access.

Devastating atrocities

Thousands who have fled the bombings in the neighbourhood of Shejaya in Gaza have witnessed utterly disturbing violence. One eyewitness told our partner: 

  • Bombs were raining on our heads everywhere. We ran as fast as we could. Many were falling down, but we could not look back. There were 50 of us, but only 12 made it out alive.'

We urgently need your support to help save lives and ease suffering in the midst of this emergency.

Please donate today – the sooner we receive your donation, the sooner we can turn your compassion into action.

Donate now

Please donate to the Gaza Crisis Appeal



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Gaza Crisis Appeal

The people of Gaza need your support. Help us respond to the crisis.

GB Pounds (GBP)

How you can help

£21 could provide emergency medicine for three people in desperate need

£60  could provide dressings and nursing expertise to treat one person’s wounds or burns

£100  could help provide crutches or a wheelchair for someone left with permanent disabilities