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Prayer for Gaza

Seven weeks of relentless violence and suffering brought unprecedented destruction and devastation to Gaza.

A man sitting amid rubble

Photo credit: Christian Aid/Heidi Levine

We pray for those whose lives have been shattered by the conflict.

‘If these were silent the stones would shout out.’  (Luke 19:40)

After the sounds of bombs,
the crash of tumbling stone to rubble,
and the cries of the wounded and grieving,
let voices be lifted in prayer.

When shrapnel has broken flesh,
as even cemeteries and schools lie ruined
and streets and houses are turned to dust,
may there be hope stirring somehow still.

After parents have lifted children from rubble,
seen businesses built over years destroyed,
and ambulances without room for all the injured,
help us still to believe that change will come.

May peace be our prayer and our pledge,
and open our lips to protest and press
for the different sound
of a justice-shaped peace,
so that the streets and stones
may ring with the sounds of a new freedom,
and all wounds be healed.

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Christian Aid is explicit in its concern for the security of Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike, and we have publicly and repeatedly, condemned violence by all sides.