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Eyewitness: man severely hurt as missile lands in his car

As 21-year-old Maysara Murtaja parked his car moments from his family home, an Israeli missile shot into the passenger seat beside him, seriously wounding him.

Maysara spent almost a week in hospital, but was discharged due to a lack of beds. He is now receiving home support from our partner the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS).

Our partner PMRS dress a young man's wounds

Helping people reach shelter

When the Israeli offensive started, Maysara, who has worked as a taxi driver in the east of Gaza City for four years, nobly started using his taxi to help displaced people to reach UN shelters.

Maysara recalls: 'I saw many thousands of people fleeing their homes and I wanted to help them.’

Maysara transported as many people as possible until one afternoon, he received a phone call from his father asking him to go home as the situation was getting more intense and worrying.

Missile in the passenger seat

'I immediately dropped my passengers at their destination and rushed back home. I arrived safely but while I was trying to park the car, an Israeli drone missile directly hit the vehicle and landed on the seat next to mine.

'I still have no idea how I managed to get out of the car. Then I lost consciousness and woke up in Shifa Hospital.’

  • When I looked at my wounds, I saw bandages fixed with sellotape used for stationery.’

Hospital overwhelmed

When Maysara woke up in hospital, it was extremely chaotic, noisy and stressful. So many injured people laid on the floor as all the beds were occupied and many others shared beds.

He recalls: 'When I looked at my wounds, I saw bandages fixed with sellotape used for stationery.’

Maysara spent three days at Shifa Hospital, but was referred to Al Ahli Arab Hospital because of overcrowding.

ACT Alliance-supported hospital

The Al Ahli Arab Hospital is supported by ACT Alliance, the international network of faith-based agencies and organisations of which Christian Aid is a part.

'At Ahli Arab Hospital the scene was very different.  It was quiet, with fewer people. There was a bed for each patient. Nobody was lying on the floor and it was warm and comfortable.’

Maysara stayed there for three days while doctors and nurses looked after him, but as the situation kept escalating, he was also discharged from the Ahli Arab Hospital.

Vital work of PMRS

Maysara’s best friend, Ahmed, works as a nurse with PMRS.

Maysara said: 'I feel so happy and lucky that my friend is helping me with the wound dressing every day. Ahmed and his team from PMRS have been visiting me at home every day for the past 10 days since I was discharged from hospital.

'Now, I feel so much better and I can even move and walk at home.'

PMRS are treating at least 160 people with regular wound dressing and other medical support, while their mobile clinics see 8,000 people a day.

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