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Text message innovation helps fight against Ebola

November 2014

We are running a simple yet effective project to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone, where volunteers send text messages to share vital information about the disease to affected communities.

The SMS Voices project, organised through our ENCISS programme is supported by UK aid.

Volunteer citizen reporters send out texts to share essential information about Ebola and ensure healthcare needs are met. Regular texts are sent to counsellors, highlighting issues of concern in their communities.

Martin’s story

As Deputy Chairman of the Bo District Council, Martin M B Goba is dedicated to supporting his community, despite facing huge personal loss in the wake of Ebola.

Martin has lost several family members to Ebola and faced a period of quarantine himself.

Despite the psychological pain and stigmatisation he endured, Martin continued working from home, ensuring food was sent to other quarantined houses in his local area.

  • During the rebel war there were no mobile phones; now with Ebola communication is possible. During my time in quarantine I was able to communicate with my ward development committee with an immediate response.’

Photo – Aurelie D’Unienville

Communication: a challenge

Raising awareness is essential to halt the spread of Ebola, but getting the message out can be a challenge.

Cultural practices are ingrained; the natural reaction is to retain human contact and care for the sick. Fear and misinformation is preventing people from attending Ebola tests.

This project enables an open dialogue and ensures vital accurate information is shared.  Read up here http://www.enciss-sl.org/sms_voices for more information and other stories.

Help us to scale up our work

With your support, we can provide more Ebola affected communities with the tools and supplies to tackle this deadly disease. Please donate what you can to our Ebola Crisis Appeal today.



give what you can to our Ebola Crisis Appeal.



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