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Fear and uncertainty in Burundi

More than 160,000 Burundians have fled their homes following weeks of political unrest which triggered an attempted coup.

Christian Aid has released an extra £75,000 to support vulnerable groups in Burundi during a period of political unrest and economic instability.

Weeks of instability in Burundi have left over 160,000 people displaced, having fled their homes in fear of escalating violence.

In May, an attempted coup and widespread protests followed President Nkurunziza’s announcement that he would be running for a third term. Sporadic violence has continued since then and the Presidential election in late July has created more uncertainty about what the future holds.

Burundi emerged from a 12-year civil war only a decade ago, and the memories of the conflict are still vivid for many

Quick to respond

Our partners in Burundi were quick to respond in supporting displaced people, who often left their homes quickly with few possessions. 

Stocks of essential materials are now in place in 10 key communities across Burundi, including 1,500 mosquito nets, 1,500 blankets, 1,500 items of women’s clothing, 3,000 sets of kitchen utensils, 2,000 female hygiene kits and stores of medicines such as anti-retroviral treatment.

The distributions have targeted displaced people, host families struggling to cope with overcrowding, and other vulnerable individuals such as women, children and people living with disabilities or with HIV.

Christian Aid is also providing relief to Burundians who have sought refuge in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

'Ongoing crisis'

James Robinson, our Burundi Country Manager based in Bujumbura, said: “The ongoing crisis has affected every aspect of life and this insecurity is having a particularly negative impact on the most vulnerable groups.

“The economy has been hit badly. Many businesses appear to be closed and there is uncertainty as to whether they will re-open.

"The majority of families who have relocated have lost their means of earning an income – particularly those who relied on farming or small businesses. Many of these displaced people have used all of their savings and are now struggling to pay for food and medicine.”

What you can do

Please donate to our emergencies fund to help vulnerable people like the communities in Burundi.


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