Christian Aid Week collectors

House-to-house collection

Since Christian Aid Week began 60 years ago, volunteers from churches have collected house-to-house. Together they delivered more than seven million envelopes last year, each one sending a message about Jesus’ love and justice.

Every envelope delivered is also a chance to start a conversation, to introduce the local church. It’s an act of witness, proclaiming Jesus’ good news to the poor. It’s a sign of his kingdom, visible to the whole community.

And it’s a clear demonstration that Christians won’t stand by while our neighbours are suffering.

House-to-house collection

Home fundraising can help support refugees

For refugees like Nejebar, your support is more vital than ever.

Nejebar fled terrible violence in Afghanistan, where a family member was brutally killed and the Taliban threatened to murder her husband. 

Now she and her family are staying in a refugee camp in Greece. They thought they would only stay for 10 days, but they've been there six months now and there’s no end in sight.

Former refugee Theodor supports Christian Aid Week

Theodor knows just how Nejebar feels. He’s 91 now and lives in Scotland, but after the Second World War he was a refugee in camps in Europe just like Nejebar. He says he owes his life to the work of Christian Aid supporters.

‘It was Christian Aid who sent us care packages. It was Christian Aid who fed us. I feel I owe my life to the cause.' 

Theodor volunteers every Christian Aid Week because of the vital support he received when he was a refugee. Will you help support refugees like Nejebar now?

Contact your local office to find a house-to-house collection near you or order your resources now.

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