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CEO salaries - a heartfelt message

You may have read a recent article in the Daily Telegraph questioning the salaries of top executives at some of Britain’s major charities. Christian Aid’s Chief Executive Loretta Minghella OBE – who earned £126,072 last year – was one of those named.
We recognise this sounds like a lot of money. We know that our supporters – people who give their time, money and prayer to help some of the world’s poorest people – may well be concerned that it is too much to pay someone working in the charity sector. We want to reassure you.

Ask us the tough questions

We take the issue of senior staff pay very seriously at Christian Aid.

We make every effort to avoid paying higher salaries than are necessary and we stick to paying our staff salaries the same as or below the median of other church-based and/or international development agencies.

Indeed, in a recent survey of the UK’s charities we were significantly under the sector average for top executive pay.
But we know that the issue of charity pay is a difficult one. We invite you to ask us the tough questions at info@christian-aid.org – and we’ll come back to you with an answer.  

The real story

We don’t know why the Daily Telegraph has chosen to focus on this particular aspect of the development sector. But we do know that the endless search for bad news masks a bigger story.
Christian Aid transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people last year. We gave more money to our frontline work than ever before, while making substantial cuts to our running costs.
Across the sector, in all the ways that matter, we’re winning the battle against poverty. The health, education and economic prospects of the world’s poorest people have all improved this century. Poverty can be defeated – that’s the ambition we’ve set ourselves.

Expertise and experience

To achieve this kind of change in the world we need the best people possible to lead what is a large and complex organisation.
In Loretta Minghella OBE we believe we have that person. She brings with her a huge amount of expertise, experience and passion for the cause.

Prior to joining Christian Aid, she was chief executive of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and oversaw the payment of billions of pounds in compensation to people who have lost out because of banking malpractice and other financial failures. We are blessed to have her on the staff. 

Stick with us

We are incredibly grateful for the support of all those who give, act and pray for Christian Aid. We promise that we do everything we can to spend the money you raise wisely. 
We urge you to stick with us – together we are making a real difference to communities across the world.

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