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Latin America and Caribbean

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds three partners across Latin America and the Caribbean, two partners in Brazil and one in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

Many Haitians cross the border to the Dominican Republic in search of work, but despite their importance to the economy, they suffer discrimination and marginalisation. Read more about the Dominican Republic.


Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service (JRSM)

JRSM aims to help Haitian migrants get access to basic services such as education and health care in the Dominican Republic and put an end to discrimination. Alongside bringing Haitians together to press for their rights and provide advice, they also work to get policy changed at a national level. A key strategy to try and tackle the racism is through scrutinising and targeting the Dominican Republic media.


JRSM have recently won a landmark case giving a Dominican of Haitian Descent the right to obtain identification documents. This case will set a legal precedent which will hopefully allow other similar cases to be won.

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