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East Africa

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds six projects across East Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Half of Uganda's population continues to live on less than $1.25 a day and its external debt continues to grow. 150,000 people have sought refuge in Uganda from conflict ridden neighbouring countries, but have little access to support. Read more about Uganda.


Refugee Law Project (RLP)

RLP works to empower refugees, asylum seekers and deportees to claim their rights from the government, as well as educating officials about their responsibility to support these rights. RLP provides refugees with services to help them get back on their feet such as access to social services, language lessons and legal counsel. RLP also works to raise awareness of refugee and human rights law and holds authorities accountable, educating them in their responsibilities to the refugee populations.


Thanks to the work RLP have been doing in cooperation with the Ugandan Police, refugee rights have now become part of the curriculum for the national police training. Refugees now feel safer with fewer incidents of violence and discrimination being reported.

Ugandan Debt Network (UDN)

The UDN works to ensure that borrowed and national resources are managed in an open, accountable and transparent manner so as to benefit the Ugandan people. They train community monitors to collect data and assess services are being delivered as promised.

UDN also works at a national level, engaging in advocacy on the national budget and national development plan.

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