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Asia and the Middle East

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds two projects across Asia and the Middle East, one in Iraq and the other in Tajikistan.


Though GDP has risen steadily since 2000, Tajikistan still remains the poorest of the ex-Soviet states. It has a political legacy that discourages any criticism of the government and there has been a lack of dialogue between Tajikistan's citizens and local authorities. Read more about Tajikistan.


Rights and Prosperity (R&P)

R&P aims to strengthen and give a voice to marginalised communities in the South and North of Tajikistan and in the Districts of Republic Subordination by increasing awareness of their rights and encouraging participation with local governance.

R&P are establishing a Public Chambers (similar to the Citizen's Advice Chambers in the UK) and are training local citizens on their rights and motivating them to claim their rights.

They also pressurise authorities to become more transparent and accountable to previously voiceless, marginalised groups.


The Public Chambers has been extremely successful and have had a high rate of responses to claims. Before the project started the government was viewed as being unresponsive and likely to ask for 'informal payments' to get proceedings underway, but in June 2011, 503 claims had received a positive response out of 525.

As a result of the success of the Public Chambers supported by R&P, it is likely to be replicated by other organisations across Tajikistan, meaning more communities will have access to this service.

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