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Our carbon footprint

If the world is to avoid disastrous climate change, fossil fuel use must fall dramatically in the next 20 years.

This will mean significant changes to how people live and work.

If we are to speak credibly and encourage others to reduce their carbon footprint, we must lead by example.

We have therefore been reporting our own in-house greenhouse gas emissions since 2005/06.


After a large decrease in our emissions, our footprint started to creep back up after 2009/10.

This year, though, our emissions fell by two per cent thanks mainly to a reduction in electricity and paper use, more than compensating for a small increase in flights.

New energy-efficient computers in head office and an increase in the proportion of recycled paper we use also helped to reduce our environmental impact.

It is worth noting that we buy much of our electricity from renewable sources. However, because we follow DEFRA’s carbon reporting guidelines, we do not include this carbon saving in our footprint figures.


We are working to increase the amount of data we are recording as part of our footprint and next year will be able to comply with the new carbon reporting guidelines from DEFRA.

This reporting will become mandatory for a range of large companies and government departments, thanks to successful campaigning by Christian Aid and others.

We are working to improve the efficiency of our carbon data collection systems, particularly from our global offices, by integrating carbon and financial accounting more closely.

This year, we have implemented a new automated payment system, which helps capture our footprint at source.

This has helped us do more to cut emissions, and we are now working with staff to drive further reductions.

Our comparative carbon footprint

Graph and figures showing Christian Aid's comparative carbon footprint in 2012/13

(C02 equivalent in tonnes)  

Read the full report

Please refer to page 39 of our Christian Aid annual report 2012/13


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