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It’s time to stop big companies dodging tax

Corporate tax dodging is unfair: it keeps developing countries trapped in poverty.

We all pay our tax. But companies like Amazon, Google and Starbucks can get away without paying what they owe.

And the incredible thing is that big corporations often do this legally, by taking advantage of tax rules that are currently rigged in their favour. The secrecy in the financial system is an added bonus for tax dodgers.

We can change this

Politicians can change the UK’s tax rules to ensure UK companies pay their fair share of tax - both in the UK and wherever else they operate - which includes some of the world's poorest countries.

We need to change the UK’s rules to make all companies pay their fair share. We need to make sure there is enough money available to tackle poverty in the world’s poorer countries.

What we’ve been doing

During 2015 you joined us in speaking out against tax dodging as we teamed up with Action Aid, Oxfam and others to call for a Tax Dodging Bill ahead of the General Election. More than 82,000 people signed a petition asking for laws to make it harder for big business to dodge taxes in the UK and developing countries. Not only that but thousands of people emailed, met and phoned their parliamentary candidates to back the bill if elected. 

Thanks to this, every political party made commitments to tackle tax dodging and the Conservatives pledged to raise at least £5 billion a year from a clamp down on the issue. 

What we need to do next

It’s important for us to keep the pressure up. Tax dodging is costing poor communities billions every year, revenues that could transform lives. This coming October we’ll have the opportunity to give tax dodgers one less place to hide – keep your eyes out!