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It’s time to stop big companies dodging tax

Corporate tax dodging is unfair: it keeps developing countries trapped in poverty.

We all pay our tax. But companies like Amazon, Google and Starbucks can get away without paying what they owe.

And the incredible thing is that big corporations often do this legally, by taking advantage of tax rules that are currently rigged in their favour. The secrecy in the financial system is an added bonus for tax dodgers.

This is costing developing countries an estimated $300 billion every year in lost revenues. These funds could be used to tackle poverty, providing essential services and infrastructure like healthcare.

Ask your local council to tackle tax dodging

Our new Sourced campaign aims to use the financial influence of local councils to change the behaviour of big business.

Companies need to know that they cannot hide tax dodging – either in the UK or overseas – when they bid for large contracts from your council.

Email your councillor(s) today!

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