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Crack down on pinstriped pirates

Ahead of major G20 talks in November 2009, we called on chancellor of the exchequer, Alistair Darling, to urge world leaders to take action against tax-dodging businesses.

Treasury minister Stephen Timms had already recorded a personal video message to all our tax campaigners in which he said supporters' emails, letters and postcards had been 'very valuable' in establishing this issue on the agendas of the UK government and the G20.

Pinstriped pirates

Pinstriped piratesTax-dodging multinationals cheat the developing world out of at least $160bn each year.

This is money that ought to be helping millions of people out of poverty.

These unscrupulous businesses are basically acting like pinstriped pirates, removing vast sums from poor countries by disguising the profits they make, often by stashing them away in tax havens. 

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