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ENOUGH FOOD IF campaign resources

Find out more about the campaign issues, read in-depth reports, get your campaigning kit or share the campaign in your church or school.

Church and worship resources

Prayers and worship materials to inspire your church group and congregation to make IF happen.

What did IF achieve? leaflet (PDF)

Church article about Big IF events (Word, 71kb) : an article to use in your church newsletter or website.

Sermon notes (PDF)  

Bible study (PDF)

Prayers (PDF)


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All around the world, a quiet and momentous change is happening - people are lifting themselves out of poverty. We are at a tipping point. We could be the generation to ensure every woman, child and man gets a fair chance at life.

There is still, however, a yawning gap. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, yet one in eight women, men and children go to bed hungry every night and 2.3 million children die from malnutrition each year.

Find out more information about taking action on global hunger.

Enough Food For Everyone IF policy report (PDF, 3.57mb)

Enough Food For Everyone IF report summary (PDF, 2.37mb)  

MP briefing on finance bill (PDF, 0.2mb)


Food, hunger and climate change: breaking the links

pdf icon

This briefing exposes the growing links between food, hunger and climate change - and explains what can be done to break these links. If we act now, we can ensure there is enough food for everyone, for generations to come.

Food and climate briefing (PDF, 0.5mb)


Tackling hunger with tax justice

pdf icon One in eight people on this planet are living with the pain of hunger, and yet our world provides enough food for everyone. Tax dodging is one of the reasons why   hunger persists. This briefing explains how tax is a critical part of the solution to ending hunger for millions of people.

Tax justice briefing (PDF, 0.4mb)


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A thank you video to share in your church or with friends and colleagues:


Watch all the videos: YouTube IF campaign video playlist

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Posters and leaflet     

Please download any of these great posters to put up in your church, home or workplace. Plus a handy leaflet introducing the aims of the IF campaign.

Promotional poster for G8 events A4 (PDF, 1mb)

Cupcakes A3 poster (PDF, 4.1mb)  

Cupcakes A4 poster (PDF, 4mb)

Enough Food for Everyone IF: an Introduction leaflet (PDF, 0.6mb)   

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School resources   

Primary and secondary assembly presentations and activities looking at the causes of hunger, in a world where there is enough food for all. Available in English and Welsh.

Assembly: Enough food for everyone IF

Activity: Enough food for everyone IF

Case studies: Enough food for everyone IF

Hungry New Year: primary assembly

Hunger over: secondary assembly

Visit the Learn website to view more school resources.

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Campaign with us

Take action now >Call on Vince Cable MP to ensure public registers are created, showing the real owners of phantom firms. Let's give tax dodgers nowhere to hide.