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Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign: what did we achieve?

Thanks to amazing Enough Food For Everyone IF and Christian Aid supporters like you, the structural causes of hunger were at the very heart of discussions at the G8 summit in June 2013.

  • The world wanted action on hunger. We delivered real pledges... we have looked not only at the problem of hunger, but also the causes, in terms of land, in terms of taxes, in terms of transparency.’

- David Cameron


Behind the rhetoric, here is what we really achieved together:

Tax and transparency

Hundreds of George Osbornes hit the streets ahead of the 2013 budget announcement

George Osborne stunt in London

In the UK: George Osborne failed to reform UK tax laws, but he couldn’t ignore our calls to tackle the elephant in the room - our own UK tax havens.

At a special summit in London, ahead of the G8, the UK tax havens – those in crown dependencies and our overseas territories – committed to sign a multilateral convention which would help provide immediate access to information and thereby help to tackle tax dodging.

It’s a positive step but more must be done.

On the global stage: thousands of campaigners gathered in the pouring rain in Belfast and put huge pressure on the G8 to set out the great ambition to tackle tax dodging, which they did, at least in their words, days later when they met in Northern Ireland.

Much more needs to be done to turn these words into action .


At the UK budget in March our campaigning ensured the government kept to its promise to give 0.7% GNI in aid. This is a historic achievement in the face of the global economic crisis and UK recession.

In June, while 45,000 campaigners attended the Big IF rally in London , businesses, civil society, and governments from both developed and developing countries met at the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ summit.

They pledged £4.1 billion in additional financing for nutrition.

However, the G8 missed the chance to support small-scale farmers - who feed a third of the world’s population.

Land and biofuels

The IF campaign ensured that the issue of land grabbing in developing countries was discussed and then acknowledged by world leaders at the G8 summit. 

This is the first time the issue has been on the G8 agenda at all.

What’s next?

There is still a lot to do to ensure there is enough food for everyone. At Christian Aid we're particularly keen to see the strong rhetoric on tackling tax dodging put into action by our political leaders in changes to policies and laws. 

Our new campaign calls on Vince Cable MP to give tax dodgers nowhere to hide.





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Take action now >Call on Vince Cable MP to ensure public registers are created, showing the real owners of phantom firms. Let's give tax dodgers nowhere to hide.

Campaign with us

Call on Vince Cable to give tax dodgers nowhere to hide.

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