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Big IF Belfast G8 event - 15 June

Thousands of Christian Aid and Enough Food For Everyone IF campaigners gathered at the Big IF event in Belfast Botanic Gardens on Saturday 15 June 2013 to demand that world leaders tackle the root causes of global hunger at the G8.  

Dodging rain and tackling dodgers

Thousands braved the wind and rain (and there was a lot of rain) in Belfast’s Botanic Gardens to join the BIG IF rally on the eve of the G8 summit – and that same day we saw significant progress in the fight against tax dodging.

During the afternoon,  campaigners soaked up the atmosphere, visiting a pop-up tax haven and trying their hand at craftivisim before the main rally began.

Then, under an array of umbrellas and ponchos, the crowd enjoyed a rally filled with music, speeches and poetry.

Supporters at the Big IF Belfast event

As the afternoon went on the atmosphere grew, with live music from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Duke Special. Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent performed a deeply powerful and moving poem written by Seamus Heaney.

Christian Aid partner the Rev Suzanne Matale, who campaigns against tax dodging in her home country of Zambia, was able to make a major announcement at the rally – that David Cameron had struck an important deal with 10 British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, which are tax havens, to share more information on tax.

This agreement is important as the UK needed to get its own ‘house in order’ ahead of the G8 meeting.

Now David Cameron and other world leaders must strike a deal that means far greater measures are taken to tackle tax dodging globally, alongside other measures that will benefit poor countries.

The G8 must act now as every day we wait to address the issue, we condemn more people to poverty and hunger.

Keep following us in the coming days to see what happens.

For those who braved the rain, thank you. Your commitment is making a difference and world leaders are listening to us.  

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