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Climate campaign resources

The Big Shift - worship resources

The Big Shift - Ash Wednesday reflection

Ash Wednesday reflection Use this reflection in your local church to stand in solidarity and inspire action on behalf of our sisters and brothers being affected by climate change.

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The Big Shift - prayers

Big Shift Prayers TMB Use these prayers in your local church to stand in solidarity and inspire action on behalf of our sisters and brothers being affected by climate change.

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Download the Welsh language version here


The Big Shift - church service ideas and activities

Big Shift Service Ideas TMB

Some great ideas for a church service that will inspire your community to get involved in the Big Shift away from fossil fuels.

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The Big Shift - sermon notes

Big Shift Sermon Notes JPG Want to get your community moving? Use these sermon notes in your local church to inspire action on behalf of our sisters and brothers being affected by climate change.

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The Big Shift - Bible study

Big Shift Bible Study JPG Use this Bible study with your local church to get your local community reflecting and discussing what the Bible says about how we should use our money.

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Download the Welsh language version here



Climate change liturgy and service guide

Opening Responses

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,

the world and all that lives.

God loves righteousness and justice,

the earth is full of God’s steadfast love.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of all,

the whole earth is full of God’s glory.

Closing Responses

Blessed are the poor in spirit,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who mourn,

for they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice,

for they shall be satisfied.


May the blessing of God be upon us, our communities, and the whole earth.

God the creator and ground of all that is,

God who loves, forgives, heals and brings new life,

God who gives compassion, strength, courage and hope,

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

now and forever.


The heavens declare your glory, O God:

blaze of stars, suns, galaxies, nebulae;

cloud and light, storm and rainbow,

mountain peak, tumbling stream,

sweeping river and rolling ocean,

speak of your strength and power.

God, creator of all, we praise you.

The earth is yours, O God:

opening leaf, and bud and flower;

fruit, seed and soaring tree,

rush and shrub, butterfly and beetle,

fish and whale, deer and eagle,

display your beauty and speak of your renewing life.

God, creator of all, we praise you.

We are your people, O God:

mother and nurse, teacher and craftsman,

playing child, farmer, poet,

in youth and age, vigour and weakness,

in solitude and friendship, man and woman,

display your wisdom and speak of your love.

God, creator of all, we praise you.

But as we think of the earth,

we know ice caps are melting and deserts growing.

There are storms and floods while elsewhere rains fail,

the changes of centuries are happening in decades.

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.

We realise the plight of those whose lands are flooded

or slowly yield less year by year,

who walk miles for safety, work or water,

whose forests are stolen by loggers.

Lord have mercy,Lord have mercy.

We recognise our part in damaging the earth:

our endless desire for more and more,

for cheaper food and the newest gadget;

our burning of oil, our reckless waste,

our careless consumption and the choices we make.

Lord have mercy,Lord have mercy.

We are your people, O God;

called to bring near your kingdom of justice and peace;

to love our neighbour near or far.

Bless and strengthen those who are worried for tomorrow

and those who dedicate their lives to a better future;

may we be counted in their number.

God beyond us, God beside us, God before us, God within us,

we thank you for the forgiveness, strength and hope

that are ours through your love

made known in Jesus Christ our Lord.


God, creator of all,

made known to us by Jesus,

among us by your Spirit,

we bring to you our concerns for the earth, its life and its people.

We give thanks for those who are willing to take on the responsibilities of government among the nations.

And we pray for them.

Particularly, we pray for our leaders in our local and national community;

may they always make their decisions with regard for the future of the earth

and the needs and rights of those who are poor;

give them the humility to work together

and the wisdom to make the best decisions in the face of complex problems.

God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the work of international bodies and non-government organisations working to combat climate change and bring peace and relief amidst violence and turmoil.

Particularly, we pray for Christian Aid partner Fundacion Solon in Bolivia who tirelessly campaign for the protection of the environment in a land where the water is drying up.

Give them the insight, strength and determination they need as they work on behalf of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the numerous signs of your kingdom

in the life, joys and struggles of the world,

and we pray for all who suffer poverty, injustice or violence.

Particularly, we pray for all those hurt by climate change;

may they know your presence with them

may they be aware of the compassion of others

and may they receive the justice that is your will for them.

God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

We give thanks for all that we enjoy in life,

our communities and friendships, freedoms and laughter,

and today we particularly give thanks for the gifts of harvest.

Give us a continual sense of wonder amidst your creation;

compassion to respond to the needs of others;

courage to take what action we can for justice in your world;

and wisdom to choose ways of living which are good for the climate;

the needs of future generations;

and the health of the earth.

God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the fellowship of the Church,

for its worship and its teaching,

for all who support us now in our discipleship of Christ

and for all who have been an inspiration or companions in the past.

By your Spirit give your Church humility to hear your word,

courage to work for your justice,

grace to share your peace with the earth,

and the faith to live and proclaim the gospel.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,

and pray as he taught us:

Our Father in heaven,

hallowed be your name;

your kingdom come,

your will be done

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us from the time of trial

and deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours,

now and for ever.


Prayers for the climate

Pray for people to come together to lead the way to a safer, better world.

God who loved the world into life,

You tell us to let our lights shine.

A million little lights

To form a beacon for change.

Strengthen us to be

A million little lights

That refuse

To let injustice continue without comment.

A million little lights

-Illuminating the path to a cleaner, better world.

For the love of your people

For the love of your creation

We pray.


All creatures of our God and king;

immortal, invisible, God only wise,

morning has broken.

Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the king of creation,

the earth is the Lord’s (Kendrick).

All over the world, the Spirit is moving

Let all the earth hear his voice.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,

oh the life of the world.

Sing for God’s glory that colours the dawn of creation.

All my hope on God is founded

for the fruits of his creation, thanks be to God.

Lord for the years,

Lord of creation, to you be all praise;

morning glory, starlit sky.

Amazing grace,

great is thy faithfulness.

Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair.

God of all ages and Lord of all time,

O Lord, the clouds are gathering.

Be thou my vision,

tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord.

Thou whose almighty word, chaos and darkness heard.

We are marching in the light of God,

you shall go out with joy.

Prayers for our world

A thumbnail of the climate campaign prayers resource Prayers for communal worship inspired by the world around us, including prayers of intercession, a prayer based on Psalm 46 and another on the Great Commandment.

Download prayers



Sermon Notes

A thumbnail of climate campaign sermon notes Sermon notes based on Matthew 25, Amos 5 and being prepared; a challenge to use our power for good by choosing to live hopefully.

Download sermon notes




Calling for Climate Justice

Calling for climate change Prophetic voices: discussion starters for small groups

Download discussion starters or order hard copies by calling +44 (0)8700 787 788, quoting the code F2291.