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Mali solar project

Mali-Folkecenter's vision is to provide energy to rural communities throughout the country.

But not just any energy. Energy that doesn't harm the environment.

As its founder, Dr Ibrahim Togola, says: ‘We are part of global society, the global world.’

Powering development

Africa is blessed with hours and hours of sunlight. So it makes sense to use it.

In this video, you’ll see how Mali-Folkecenter (MFC) is using solar energy to power development in some of Mali’s remote rural villages.

Linking homes and businesses to a solar grid is a far better option than using highly polluting diesel generators.

Apart from the health benefits, MFC's method shows communities can develop and take action to reduce the threat of climate change at the same time.

A million ways to tackle climate change

There are a million ways that people are using innovation to cope with the effects of climate change in their communities.

And there are a million things we can do, alongside our partners in Mali, to reduce climate change and its effects.

Whether it’s consuming less energy in our daily lives, supporting our sisters and brothers across the world to deal with the consequences, or urging our political leaders to act now – the actions you take do count.

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