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Hunger for Justice weekend

Over the weekend of 18-19 October, hundreds of churches nationwide took part in a weekend of prayer and action urging MPs to tackle climate change, and praying for our sisters and brothers around the world.

Climate campaigners Elizabeth from Bolivia and Voltaire from the Philippines helped make this an incredible weekend, taking part in events up and down the UK and Ireland.

Voltaire’s reflections on the weekend

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If you took part in Hunger for Justice, please tell us what you did and how it went!  Email us on campaigns@christian-aid.org and please include the name of your MP if you contacted them.  

Whether or not you could join us in October, please take a look at these great resources and use them in your worship or events.

Hunger for Justice event guide Hunger for Justice event guide

Want to create a better, safer world? Our guide can help!

Includes suggestions for events, how to get your MP involved and prayers.

Download your event guide (PDF, 0.55mb)  






Tips for involving your MP in a Hunger for Justice service or event

1. Read the handy event guide (pages 6-7) for detailed information about involving your MP.

2. Print off this climate change briefing to give to your MP.

3. When meeting your MP, please ask them the questions at the beginning of the briefing document, and make a note of their reply to each question.

4. To follow up after the meeting, please write your MP a letter to thank them for coming and also remind them of any commitments they made ie, to write to David Cameron.

5. If your MP can’t make the meeting, please write them a letter instead and include the ‘asks’ from the top of the climate change briefing.

Yamikani Dakalira from Malawi is visiting in October to speak to churches about her work, and has written a special prayer for us all to use over the prayer and action weekend (18-19 October).

Lord, you are our rock, our fortress and our strength;
guide us, lead us and have mercy on us.

We thank you for the precious gift of your earth, in all its beauty and fragility.
Through it we are each bound to one another in a million ways.

For the sake of those facing rising temperatures, drought and water shortages,
strengthen our movement for climate action.

For the sake of those facing unpredictable weather, disrupted seasons and failed crops,
bless our leaders to work together to find positive, lasting solutions.

For the sake of all those who feel the impact of our changing climate, the poor and the vulnerable,
bring the hope of a brighter, cleaner future.

Lord hear our prayer and fill our hearts with a hunger for justice.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will set up our banners to call for change. May the Lord fill our petitions!


Yamikani works for our partner, CEPA, in Malawi to combat the impact of climate change, involving the poorest communities in the solutions.

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