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Fund a fairer future with your pension

A house inside a green leaf We’re adopting a new approach to tackling climate change with our friends, ShareAction.

The Green Light campaign will ensure our pension funds are invested in the world we want, rather than in risky projects that have the potential to ruin both our planet and our pensions. 
With £3 trillion currently invested in UK pension funds, they have a huge amount of power in shaping the economy. The exciting bit is that this money is made up of ordinary pension savers’ money, so we have a say in how it is used!

Contact your pension provider now to ask about its green investments.

A fresh approach

This is a new type of campaign, taking the fight for climate justice straight to those who shape our economy.

Right now, many pension providers have big investments in dirty fossil fuel projects, which is bad for the planet and risky for our pensions too.

We can’t go on like this

If governments act to limit emissions as promised, many large fossil fuel projects will quickly move from profit to loss, dragging down the value of our pensions.

But if governments don’t act, and companies continue to burn rapidly exhaustible supplies, runaway climate change could irreversibly damage the world we retire into.

Either way, business as usual isn’t an option.

What you can do

The first step is to ask providers to investigate how much is invested in carbon intensive industries, and the risks this might have for the value of our pensions.

Contact your pension provider now using our online action, or read more about the campaign and the road ahead in this two page briefing.

There’s power in our pensions – let’s use it!

What next?

If you’ve contacted your pension provider and want to know what to do now, our top tips will help you respond.