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We must ensure the next government prioritises tax dodging

17 September 2014

Tax dodging makes me angry: it’s unfair and its victims are the poorest, its beneficiaries the richest. In the last five years tax has turned from an issue mainly concerning accountants into one that concerns and angers us all.

Progress so far

We have seen protests and scandals with high street shops in the spotlight and companies being criticised for their practices. Thousands of you have campaigned to stop big unscrupulous companies from tax dodging.

We have been involved from the start, urging governments and companies to change their practices and laws for everyone's benefit.
We’ve had success along the way. Companies dodging tax is now seen as culturally unacceptable, rules are changing and new laws are being introduced. Yet we know that some companies are still not paying their fair share.

Next year’s general election

With a general election coming up next year we have an opportunity to  ensure it focuses on who can do the most to make the richest pay their fair share of tax.

We are teaming up with Action Aid and Oxfam as well as others passionate about ending poverty as we believe our politicians must do more to tackle tax dodging.

In the run up to the election we will be calling on all parties to make this a priority, and on the new successors to introduce a bill which tackles tax dodging as soon as possible.

This isn’t about more taxes – it’s about fairness and justice. It’s about tackling poverty and inequality at home and abroad.

We’ll be sharing more details soon and if you want to be involved in the campaign get in touch with us!


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Alasdair Roxburgh

Alasdair Roxburgh is our churches campaigns manager