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Gaza crisis – UK government responds to your call

4 September 2014

As violence escalated between Israel and Gaza, more than 9,000 of you took action within 72 hours by asking Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to demand a ceasefire and work for a sustainable peace. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Your emails generated a response from Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Tobias Ellwood MP.

Tobias said: 'I agree that a durable end to the current cycle of violence will require a long term strategy to address the underlying causes of the conflict and transform the situation in Gaza.'

Read his full response here.

Political failure

As we have already made clear, this latest round of violence is not about Gaza, but is a result of decades of political failure by the international community in holding both sides to account for their actions.

This has become ever more apparent as Israel announces that it is seizing more Palestinian land close to Bethlehem. The expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory is illegal under international law, and has been heavily condemned by the UK government in the past.

Turning words into reality

It’s great that the government agrees that a long term strategy addressing the underlying causes of the conflict is required to transform the situation.  Now let’s turn these words into reality. 

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Read more about our response to the Gaza crisis here.

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