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The UK Gold film tour

September 2013 | by Luke Harman 

Christian Aid has partnered with Oxfam and Action Aid to organise a nationwide tour of The UK Gold film: a story ‘seismic enough to shift perceptions of finance and flag forever.’

The UK Gold follows Hackney vicar Father William Taylor as he stands up and speaks out against tax dodging.

Featuring a stunning soundtrack by Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja, it reveals how the UK’s tax havens are complicit in maintaining the financial secrecy that fuels tax dodging, robbing poor countries of an estimated US$160 billion a year.


Father William Taylor We recently met up with Father Taylor. He told us: 'I can see the City of London from my parish in Hackney and I’ve often wondered what goes on over there...

'This film is about joining the dots and showing the connection between those with power and wealth and those without...

'There are countries in Africa struggling because the City is helping companies that operate there to channel funds through havens and avoid paying the taxes they owe.'

Father Taylor challenges us to watch the film and take action to tackle the injustice of tax dodging:

  • As Christians we surely have the ability to look at dark things and see them for what they are. We need to confront and expose them.'

The film tour will launch in Brighton on 23 September and run throughout the autumn and winter across the UK.

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The overseas territories

As the film emphasises, nearly half of the world’s 50 tax havens are within the UK’s political realm of influence - either because they are UK crown dependencies (like Jersey and Guernsey), British overseas territories (such as the British Virgin Islands) or Commonwealth countries.

At the G8 summit earlier this year, David Cameron said: ‘I believe we’ve got a real opportunity to make this a turning point where we break down the walls of corporate secrecy.’

But the walls of corporate tax secrecy still stand firm, casting a shadow over poor countries’ ability to claim the taxes they’re rightfully due – money that they urgently need to tackle hunger and provide basic services like health and education.

How you can help

You can help make this happen. Find out more about our latest campaign and take action now .


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