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G20 hear our tax message. But did they listen?

by Amelia Whitworth | 27 September 2011

Update: We had a truly amazing reponse to our action last week, with thousands of you telling the G20 there can be no backtracking on tax dodging.

MoneySo, after 5,865 messages to UK and French ministers, and plenty of activity on #NoTaxBacktrack on Twitter too, we were never in any doubt the G20 heard us.

But did they listen?

Well, the good news is the final communiqué still has tax on the agenda; at one point even that was in doubt, so we can be pleased with this.

However, the bad news is we clearly still have a big fight to ensure the G20 sticks to its word on tackling tax dodging in poor countries.

Even though (or maybe because) everyone now agrees that tax is key to tackling global poverty, it is disappointing that G20 ministers still have not committed to any concrete action.

Indeed, as our very own David McNair wrote on the Guardian's Poverty Matters blog yesterday, 'For the many organisations and individuals worldwide working for tax and transparency, the G20 meeting was ... a big disappointment.'

What we can be sure of is that together we’ve sent a strong message to the G20 to put its words on tax justice into action.

And we can do it again.

What now?

Keep up the pressure on the G20 ahead of November's meeting.

Act now!Call on David Cameron, Nick Clegg and French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, to end tax haven secrecy.

And if you’re within reach of Manchester this weekend, we’d love for you to join us at Bearing Witness, an inspiring day of action and prayer for climate justice.

On Saturday, 1 October, the eve of the Conservative party conference, we’ll be calling on the government to live up to its promise to be the greenest ever.

We’ll also have talks and workshops on tax justice featuring Alvin Mosioma from Tax Justice Network Africa. 

Book now!There's still time to register your place and join us in Manchester.

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