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How our FTSE campaign brought firms to the table

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 4 September 2012

Our Trace the Tax campaign has had a huge impact on how UK-listed companies view tax.

When we started the campaign, who would have thought companies the size of Unilever, Vodafone, TUI Travel and Intercontinental Hotels Group would sit down with Christian Aid to talk about how they can help the movement for tax justice?

But they are.

And it’s thanks to your support

Unilever - Transparency, cleaning up tax dodging After thousands of postcards and emails, and dozens of fun stunts (like the one pictured where campaigners dressed up as a new Unilever cleaning product), together we’ve made these four multinational companies engage with us on tax justice.

While we will now take a break from our public campaigning to these companies, the dialogue with them continues.

Thanks to you, tax as a development issue is firmly on the agenda.
Our campaign is now part of a broad tax justice movement that has helped raise public awareness across the board.

Even David Cameron has declared that tax dodging is ‘morally wrong’.

Tax Justice Tour - taking the message out on the road

Tax dodging is one of the great injustices of our time. When unscrupulous corporations hide money in tax havens the world’s poorest people miss out on the things we take for granted, like getting basic medical care, or learning to read. 

And it's not just a problem for people overseas. Communities right on our own doorsteps are also paying the price for others' greed. 
That's why we are joining forces with UK campaigners Church Action on Poverty, boarding our red double-decker Tax Bus and taking the tax justice message across Britain and Ireland with our Tax Justice Tour.

The aim is to build the movement, gather people's Ticks for Tax Justice, and turning the public anger at tax dodging into real change.


All aboard!

Join us!Find out where our Tax Bus will stop on our interactive map - and join us online by adding your Tick for Tax Justice to those we're collecting on the road.


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If you're inclined to a bit of social networking, Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty will be sharing updating duties right up to the big launch at Greenbelt, and throughout the tour.


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