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Tool up for climate justice

By Laura Trevelyan | 8 September 2010

Exciting news! We've just put the finishing touches to our brand new - and, if we do say so ourselves, brilliant - climate justice campaign organiser's pack.

It's got everything you would possibly need to keep on campaigning - as well as a look back on everything we have achieved together. And, my, it's impressive.

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One of our major achievements was all the hard work on getting a robust Climate Change Act in 2008, the first in the world.

One of our main asks was for companies to report their carbon emissions and over the next few month the secretary of state for the environment, Caroline Spelman MP, will be deciding if this should happen or not.

David Cameron said he wanted his government to be the 'greenest yet.'

Take our new campaign action and tell Caroline that the government can stick to this pledge by making company reporting mandatory.

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Reverend Jesse Jackson holding a Christian Aid 'Power to the poor' placard

Video from our supporter day

Relive it now!

Climate action!

Floods in Pakistan. Food crisis in Africa. Climate change will make natural disasters like these worse. 

Act now!

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Laura Trevelyan

Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager