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The FTSE 100 become the FTSE 4

27 September 2010

As I mentioned a few weeks ago we launched the latest stage of our Trace the Tax campaign over the August bank holiday weekend. It's calling on four FTSE listed companies, Vodafone, Unilever, TUI Travel and Intercontinental Hotel Group to back our campaign for greater financial transparency and so help end tax dodging.

From the start I should emphasis that we are not accusing them of tax dodging, but we are saying that they can help end it. We are asking them to back a new international accounting standard on country-by-country reporting as a means of preventing tax dodging. On top of this we want them to ask their auditors to back it too and the International Accounting Standards Board to introduce it.

To get these four companies on board we need you to get in contact with them - there are four simple and quick online actions that you can do now.

Over the next few weeks I'll be letting you know a little more about how the campaign is going with each of the four companies.

Call on the FTSE 4 to Trace the Tax now >

Reverend Jesse Jackson holding a Christian Aid 'Power to the poor' placard

Video from our supporter day

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