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Keeping an eye on the DFID leaks

By Rachel Baird | 2 September 2010

You might have noticed some controversy recently about Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Perhaps it’s inevitable when a new government is making changes that not everyone will like, but Christian Aid is taking a close interest.

The fuss began with a leaked memo in which a civil servant suggested that DFID should drop around 100 of its commitments on helping poor countries.

A group of five development agencies, including Christian Aid, responded with a private letter raising our concerns with Andrew Mitchell, the minister in charge – but news of that also leaked out to the press.

Now another DFID memo has been leaked. This time it's about to what extent Britian’s aid budget should contribute to our own national security.

Christian Aid and its fellow agencies have responded with a letter in today’s Guardian, urging DFID to continue to put poverty relief first. 

As we point out in the letter, this is the best recipe for our long-term security. 

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 About the author

Rachel Baird

Rachel Baird is the policy and campaigns journalist in Christian Aid's media team