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The government must support new EU tax transparency laws

By Luke Harman | 31 October 2012

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Greater tax transparency would help developing countries to receive much-needed revenues to lift their citizens out of poverty

UK business secretary Vince Cable’s recent public comments about tax have been music to our ears.

He said he supports improved transparency for companies and recently, at the Liberal Democrat party conference, he described tax havens as 'sunny places for shady people'.

These comments came days after he climbed aboard our tax bus to hear from you, our supporters and our partners!

Now there is a great opportunity for him to turn these words into action.

The European Union is currently negotiating new laws on corporate transparency, which could be a vital step towards tax justice.

The UK can play a key role in ensuring these laws are ambitious and fit for purpose for tackling tax dodging in poor countries. As business secretary, Vince Cable has the power to make this happen. 

We need the UK to support ambitious proposals at the EU that would allow tax authorities in all countries a full financial picture of the multinational companies operating in their countries.

This would really help developing countries tackle tax dodging and lift their citizens out of poverty once and for all.

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Tax dodging is currently costing developing countries an estimated $160 billion a year. Recently the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee issued a report clearly outlining the important role tax plays in helping countries move beyond aid and out of poverty. 

So please take action today to make sure new EU laws benefit the world’s poorest.

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Luke Harman is Christian Aid's churches campaigns officer.

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