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STOP Tax Dodging – campaigning across Europe

6 November 2013 | by Frances Witt 

STOP Tax Dodging EU campaign From Finland to the south of France and from Slovenia to Spain – we all have the same message:  ‘STOP Tax Dodging’, and for good reason. 

When companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, it hurts the poor everywhere, both in Europe and in developing countries.


A collective voice

‘STOP Tax Dodging’ is an initiative bringing together the voices of civil society in 15 countries across Europe, united in a desire to see an end to tax dodging by multinational companies and more action by European leaders to tackle this problem. 

Over the past year, Christian Aid has played an active role in the European STOP Tax Dodging initiative. We have produced a raft of new and exciting campaign resources for European civil society organisations.

At this very moment, in fact, these resources are being translated into Czech, Slovenian, Italian, German, Swedish and many other languages.

As a result, we hope the tax justice message will reach more European citizens than ever before.

European STOP Tax Dodging week

We are busy planning for the European STOP Tax Dodging week of action, from 25-29 November, with campaign actions happening in at least 12 countries.

Campaigners are organising media stunts and street actions, press conferences and seminars to shine the spotlight on the scandal of tax dodging. Please take action here in the UK.

Video: Where has all the money gone?

Take a look at our new film produced for the week of action. Why not show it in your local church, or to your friends or community group?

Get involved

Register now Join the UK day of action to end tax dodging and financial secrecy on Monday 25 November: see our flyer here

If you’d like some more information on the EU wide campaign, download our STOP Tax Dodging campaign resources:

About the author

Frances Witt

Frances Witt is international advocacy adviser for Christian Aid

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