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Marching in Doha for climate justice

Campaigners marching with a Time for Climate Justice banner  By Mariana Paoli | 3 December 2012 

Week two of the climate talks in Doha has begun. Christian Aid is working closely with a number of other Time for Climate Justice campaigners to make sure the rights of the poorest - to adapt to climate change and continue to develop in a sustainable way - are secured in the negotiations.

As negotiations on climate finance got under way, we joined forces with other ACT Alliance members and our partner, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), to urgently call on rich countries to deliver the climate finance that is so crucial.

Campaign stunt: Zero dollars? No thanks!

On Friday 30 November, UN delegates arriving at the negotiations were greeted by our campaign stunt. Campaigners held a giant dollar bill symbolising rich countries and poor communities, and displayed a banner with the message 'deliver climate finance'.

The package of money agreed in 2009 comes to an end next month. So far there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen during the next period, from 2013 to 2019.

Rich countries must fulfil their promise to provide new and additional money, and maintain their commitment to deliver one hundred billion dollars a year by 2020.

However, the Green Climate Fund, which was established to channel this money for the poorest countries to adapt and develop, remains empty.


The importance of climate finance

Climate finance is increasingly needed as the climate crisis deepens. If we are to stay below the 2°C rise in global temperatures then science tells us that carbon cuts are urgently needed.

However, it will be extremely difficult for poor countries to make up part of this global cut in emissions without the financial help so crucial to achieving a low carbon future.

The first ever climate march in Qatar

Campaign efforts to pressure world leaders to act on climate change are not only taking place in the corridors of the convention centre here in Doha, they have also taken to the streets.

On Saturday 1 December campaigners marched peacefully in the streets of Qatar to demand climate justice. The march, organised by climate activists from Qatar, was the first one ever organised in the country.

Christian Aid will remain in Doha for the final week of the UN talks.

Take action now and share your ideal world 2030.

For the latest updates direct from Doha, you can follow events on Twitter @T4CJ.

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Mariana Paoli

Mariana Paoli is Christian Aid's senior international campaigns officer

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