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Kyoto: an SOS to the world

Kyoto stunt

By Laura Trevelyan | 29 November 2011

Time for Climate Justice campaigners were out in force today to call on the delegates at the UN climate change talks to save the Kyoto protocol.

As the only legally binding treaty for cutting carbon emissions, Kyoto must not be allowed to sink without trace

So we found our sea legs, donned our life jackets and put out an SOS that could not be ignored.

The US has never been onboard with Kyoto, and yesterday Canada disappointingly said it might be jumping ship next month.

We gave out leaflets and Save Kyoto badges to people on their way into the talks and many of them immediately put on their badges and had their photos taken with the Save Kyoto, Save Us All banner.

It was great to have a chance to take our climate justice message out to the negotiators. Let's hope they listen.

Throughout the talks we will be continuing to push our message of climate justice with other stunts and meetings with delegates.

These talks are taking place in Africa, a continent that knows only too well the affects of a changing climate.

Many speakers at Sunday's climate justice rally talked about South Africa as a land of miracles and we hope that this holds true for the UN talks here.

To tackle climate change, world leaders must agree a second commitment period to the Kyoto protocol that is adequate to stop climate anarchy.

The poorest are affected first and worst by a changing climate and this is a huge injustice, but to tackle this we must remember that we are all in the same boat - we sink or swim together.

Take action

Act now The UK's Chris Huhne will be attending the talks next week. Please ask him act in the interests of the world's poor. Email Huhne now.

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