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Shadow ministers: 'gifts' to remember the world's poor

by Clare Groves | 14 November 2011

Christian Aid campaigns team stand in front of Westminster with 'gifts' for new shadow secretaries

Clare and Luke from Christian Aid with 'gifts' for new shadow ministers

Today, Christian Aid welcomed two new members of the Shadow Cabinet with 'gifts' reminding them to prioritise the world's poor as they begin their new roles.

Ivan Lewis MP

Ivan Lewis MP, the new shadow minister for international development, received a framed photograph of children playing in a slum in Matopeni, Kenya.

Tax dodging is estimated to cost poor countries $160 billion a year. If the Kenyan government received the money they are owed in tax, they would be able to invest in basic services such as clean water and waste collection for slums such as Matopeni.

We asked Ivan Lewis to remember these children and the millions like them living in poverty around the world, and commit to work towards building a fairer future.

Caroline Flint MP

We asked Caroline Flint MP, the new shadow minister for energy and climate change, to ensure the voices of the poorest are heard in the UK climate change debate.

She received a photo album containing hundreds of messages from supporters calling for strong action on climate change. These photos were gathered at the Bearing Witness day of action and prayer for climate justice, held in Manchester last month, and at the Greenbelt Festival in August.

The photos have already been delivered to David Cameron, who we urged to keep his promise to lead the 'greenest government ever'. 

UN climate negotiations

The issue of climate change is particularly crucial this month, as the government prepares to take part in the UN global climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa.

These talks are a crucial opportunity for world leaders to agree strong action to tackle climate change, such as supporting a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol to help agree adequate binding global cuts in carbon emissions. This is is crucial if we are to prevent catastrophic climate change, and source international finance to allow poor countries to develop in a low-carbon way.

We'll be in Durban making sure Chris Huhne, secretary of state for energy and climate change, listens to our demands. We're also supporting the 'Caravan of hope', which is travelling through Africa to highlight the impact climate change is already having.

Follow the caravan here.


Take action

Act now Please join us and call on Chris Huhne, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, to act in the interests of the world's poor when he represents the UK in Durban.

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