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The road to Durban

By Laura Trevelyan | 17 November 2011

There’s a great post on the Guardian's Poverty Matters blog today from Ally Carnwath, our man on the Caravan of Hope.

If you haven’t been following Ally’s caravan diary you really should. The caravan is a great initiative from Christian Aid partner the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance that's aiming to bring a strong African voice to the UN climate talks in South Africa and demand a fair deal for the continent.

Carvan of hopeThe caravan’s already galvanising support throughout the continent and has just reached the fifth of ten countries it will ultimately pass through.

Ally’s videos provide a fantastic flavour of what life on the road is like and the spirit of this group of 300 African activists is truly inspiring. There have been marching bands, political rallies, bicycle escorts, gigs and even a tree-planting ceremony along the way, and throughout the support they have received has been extremely positive.

The farmers, climate scientists, youth leaders and other activists on the caravan aim to represent communities suffering from the effects of climate change, promote hope in a better future and inspire people to take action for climate justice. The means by which the caravan is mobilising this support is incredibly creative and inspirational for those of us campaigning for the same goals. 

The caravan is due to arrive in Durban at the end of the month, at which point I’ll be arriving with fellow campaigner Mariana Paoli to pick up the baton for the talks and let Ally catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

We’ll be blogging and tweeting from the talks as we work with our partners to push world leaders to act for the world’s poor. So keep an eye on the campaigns blog and follow us on Twitter at @christian_aid.

That these climate talks are taking place in Africa – a continent suffering first and hardest from the effects of climate change – is hugely symbolic.

It’s important that Christian Aid and its supporters stand shoulder to shoulder with our African partners as they use this opportunity to demand climate justice.


Take action

Act now Please join us and call on Chris Huhne, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, to act in the interests of the world's poor when he represents the UK in Durban.

Add your name to our online petition.

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