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Tax justice delivery for Mr Osborne!

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 9 November 2010

Handing in tax justice message at the Treasury

Standing outside on a cold and wet November morning isn’t really my idea of fun.

But when we are standing outside the Treasury to hand in more than 5,000 campaigns postcards on a cold and wet November morning... well, that’s a different matter all together.

Over the past few months, as part of our Trace the Tax campaign, 5,393 of you (to be precise!) have signed postcards or our online letter, calling on the Chancellor, George Osborne, to tackle tax dodging by unscrupulous companies.

Unfortunately the Chancellor wasn’t available to meet us, but together we have sent a pretty clear message – tax dodging matters and the world's poorest need the UK Treasury to do something about it.

What now?

The task ahead is a big one. And while government action is crucial, it is just as important that we get change from within the business sector.

That's why we're working with four FTSE100 companies - namely Vodafone, Unilever, TUI Travel and Intercontinental Hotels Group.

We think they are perfectly-placed to help us get new global accounting rules that require firms to report the profits made and taxes paid in every country they operate in. This would help poor countries and their citizens trace the taxes they’re owed.

Take action and write to our FTSE Four now!


Act now

Reverend Jesse Jackson holding a Christian Aid 'Power to the poor' placard

Video from our supporter day

Relive it now!

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Alasdair Roxburgh

Alasdair Roxburgh is our churches campaigns manager