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They can hear us!

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 17 November 2010

Brown's talking about it. Cameron's been dodging questions about it. And Mitchell's praising our passion and drive. Looks like our Trace the Tax campaign is making an impact at the very top!

Melanie Ward and Ashley King, Christian Aid's political team, have had a busy few months. First of all they had the party conference season where they worked to bring Christian Aid's agenda to the three main political parties.

They followed this up by being involved in the 20 October lobby a few weeks ago and all their hard work is really paying off.

On the day of our October lobby, Sandra Osborne MP asked David Cameron during Prime Ministers Questions about the issue of tax dodging.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister dodged the question, but the day after our lobby of Parliament Andrew Mitchell MP, secretary of state for international development, appeared in front of the House of Commons International Development Committee and made the following comments when asked about Christian Aid’s lobby and work on tax dodging:

‘One should never forget the extent of the passion and the drive that the brilliant NGOs like Christian Aid bring to this agenda and the huge benefits that everyone gets from that.’

He went on to acknowledge the financial transparency agenda and welcomed the progress that it was making.

Last week former prime minister Gordon Brown raised Christian Aid’s tax campaign with the International Development select committee saying:

‘Christian Aid has launched a major campaign about the extent to which tax avoidance in developing countries prevents expenditures that could eradicate many of the diseases that we’re talking about, and the scale of tax avoidance being extremely high.’

The fact that Christian Aid’s tax campaign is being talked about at the highest level shows we are making an impact.

Now we need to keep the pressure up and build on this momentum for change.

Write to our FTSE Four and ask them to help us trace the tax.

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