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Caroline Spelman - it's business time!

By Laura Trevelyan | 11 November

Caroline Spelman action hand-in

The Campaigns team have never looked so smart!

This morning we dressed up in our business best to hand in 15,000 actions to environment secretary, Caroline Spelman MP, calling for the introduction of mandatory reporting of carbon emissions by all UK-listed companies.

With UK-listed firms responsible for 12-15% of global carbon emissions, mandatory reporting would be an important step towards tackling the climate crisis.

After all, how can the UK reduce its emissions if it doesn't have an accurate idea how much it's emitting?

When we launched our call for companies to report their emissions to an agreed standard back in 2007 more than 60,000 of you took action.

Spelman now has until 1 December to make this decision and our hand-in today was about pushing for her to make the right one.

Unfortunately a Defra minister wouldn’t come and accept the postcards and the letter from Loretta, Christian Aid’s director – apparently it is now ‘inappropriate’ for ministers to accept your actions in person. 

However we made our presence felt anyway. One of the team was slightly lost on the way and a passer-by asked him if he was looking for the people who were dressing up and directed him to us!

What you can do

There is still time to add your voice to our call for carbon reporting by companies to be mandatory. Send Caroline Spelman an email here.

Act now

Belen Dominguez CebrianAnd we'd like to add a big thank you from the Campaigns team to our wonderful volunteer Belen Dominguez Cebrian who arranged this hand-in.

Belen will be leaving us at the end of November, but check back on this blog in a few weeks to get an idea of what volunteering in the campaigns team at Christian Aid is like. 

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Laura Trevelyan

Laura Trevelyan is our climate justice campaign manager