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Forget fossil fuels - the poor need a clean future!

By Clare Groves | 9 May 2011

Refreshed and revived after the sunny Easter holidays, the campaigns team is back in full force this week, and we’re all raring to go!

Top of our agenda is the next stage of our campaign to get the World Bank out of fossil fuels.

We celebrated last month after the Bank’s draft energy strategy revealed that it would abandon its plans to invest in coal power stations in medium-income countries like Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines.

So, that means that in the future a coal-fired power plant like the one built by Eskom in South Africa would not get funding from the Bank.

It marks a real departure for the Bank’s strategy, and it’s thanks to pressure from campaigners like you.

You’ve already sent more than 22,000 messages to Andrew Mitchell, the international development secretary, and the UK’s man at the Bank. So thank you for taking action!

This is only a step in the right direction, though.

We want the Bank to stop investing in all fossil fuels (ie oil and coal) in all developing countries, including the poorest, low-income countries.

Solar panels in MaliDirty power worsens climate change, driving the poor even deeper into poverty.

We are calling on the Bank to instead promote low-carbon development, and ensure the world’s poor have access to clean and reliable forms of energy.

The coming weeks are crucial. The World Bank will review the energy strategy at its international Board meeting in July, so we’re running out of time to make our demands heard.

The UK is a key member of the World Bank and will be contributing its recommendations to the strategy.

Your campaigning has already raised a lot of attention within government. We’re making great progress. We just need to keep up the pressure. 

By writing to your MP, you can ensure that this issue stays at the top of the government’s green agenda.


Take action!

Act now!Write to your MP and urge the UK to keep the pressure on the World Bank. No fossil-fuel loans!


No more fossil-fuel loans!

Urge the UK to keep up the pressure on the World Bank.

Email your MP!

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Clare Groves

Clare Fussell is a campaigns officer for Christian Aid

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