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Hungry for Justice this Christian Aid Week

By Sarah Whittington | 13 May 2011

There have been some worrying reports in the press this week about divisions within the coalition government over their climate change commitments.

The timetable for reducing greenhouse gases, should be "free of political interference"

Despite only a year ago promising to be the greenest ever, there is now a threat that the government could reject the latest carbon emission reduction targets as recommended by the independent Committee on Climate Change

In 2006, while still in opposition David Cameron said that the Committee on Climate Change should "set and enforce these targets” and that the timetable for reducing greenhouse gases, should be "free of political interference".

Yet now, disagreement among government ministers threatens to weaken the carbon budgets in the Climate Change Act.  This would be a disaster for the world's poor, who are already suffering the devastating impacts of political inaction on climate change.

The political row coincides with a new Christian Aid Week report (released on Monday 16 May 2011), which highlights the impact climate change is having on hunger in the world’s poorest communities.

The report shows 24 million more children under five will be malnourished in 2050 as a consequence of a changing climate, and it calls for industrialised countries such as the UK to take the lead in cutting carbon emissions.

A vital government meeting on Monday could determine the government's credibility on this issue. It is now essential for the Prime Minister to exercise his authority and accept the recommended targets as demanded by the science.


Write to the PM:

Act now Ask the Prime Minister to keep his promise and commit to strong climate change targets.


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Sarah Whittington manages Christian Aid's climate change campaign

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