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Going the extra mile for climate justice

By Luke Harman | 27 March 2012

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Earlier today, Christian Aid interns Moses Tutesigensi and Catherine Garsed today completed an epic endurance challenge from Edinburgh to London in support of climate justice.

The pair covered 661 miles collecting a petition and raising funds in support of Christian Aid’s climate justice campaign.

Moses has run the whole route, whilst Catherine completed the journey by bike. Along the way they were interviewed by local radio and held events at Christian Aid regional offices to further promote the work of Christian Aid and educate people about the issues of climate change.

For the final leg today a few of us from the London office laced up our running shoes (along with some members of the Parliamentary running club) to escort the duo into Westminster. There we unveiled Moses and Cat's petition banner at Parliament Square before delivering it to Number 10.

Catherine explains: ‘The petition calls on David Cameron to use his power to support access to sustainable energy for all at the G20 meeting of world leaders this June. 

‘In a world where 1.4 billion people have no access to electricity we challenge him to speak up for the poorest and work for change.’

This incredible challenge was inspired by the words of Nazmul Chowdury from Christian Aid’s Bangladeshi partner Practical Action: ‘Forget making poverty history, climate change will make poverty permanent.’

The pair described this statement as the 'terrifying fact' which has made them take on this epic challenge.

Asked how he felt upon completion of the challenge Moses said: ‘What we’ve achieved is a small thing in a big picture in the fight against poverty. Even if one person has heard our message, it will have been a success.’

You can still sponsor Moses and Cat for their amazing effort - visit their JustGiving page here


Take action!

Act now!Write to David Cameron now and ask him to work for climate justice at the G20 in June.

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