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What David Cameron must do for the world's poorest in June

By Alasdair Roxburgh 

We live in a world gripped by financial and environmental crises.

Climate change is already affecting the world’s poorest people, and unless we take action urgently its effects will continue to get worse.

At the same time unethical financial practices have left the world in an economic crisis which shows little sign of abating.

David Cameron In both instances it is the actions of a minority that are leading to far-reaching and painful consequences for the majority – especially the world’s poor. It’s a situation that should not be allowed to continue.

Those living in poor countries are suffering first and worst from the effects of climate change.

Meanwhile tax dodging by some unscrupulous companies is costing poor nations billions in revenue which should be being used to help lift people out of poverty.

Poor countries need the resources to develop in a sustainable manner.

This means receiving the taxes they are owed by companies to help fund things like schools and hospitals, and having financial support to invest in clean energy rather than relying on dirty fossil fuels that make climate change worse.

What we want

We’re calling on David Cameron to show global leadership on poverty when world leaders meet at the G20 summit in Mexico this June.

Climate change and tax dodging are major structural causes of poverty and they won’t be solved overnight, but the G20 has the power to start making the changes that are needed.

And as Britain’s representative at the G20, the prime minister has the chance to take real action for the benefit of the poorest.

So we’re calling on him to support the UN goals on access to sustainable energy for all, which means ensuring poor countries have access to clean energy and the means to develop sustainably.

At the same time, Cameron and his fellow world leaders need to build a global financial system that's more transparent and prevent unscrupulous multinational companies dodging the tax they owe in poor countries.

In November your pressure saw the G20 make some small steps forward on ending tax dodging. We need them to maintain this progress and continue the battle against tax dodging and climate change.

Words are not enough. Action is needed from David Cameron and his fellow world leaders.


Take action!

Act now!Write to David Cameron now and ask him to make sure the world's poorest are heard at June's G20 summit. 

 About the author

Alasdair Roxburgh

Alasdair Roxburgh is our churches campaigns manager

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