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Don't blue and yellow make green?

By Clare Groves | 24 March 2011

When David Cameron became prime minister last May, he said he wanted the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition to be the greenest government ever.

The world's poorest communities are depending on the UK delivering on the PM's words. But so far we haven’t seen much action on this front.

Factory chimneysAnd while yesterday’s budget announcements contained some green measures – such as bringing forward the creation of a Green Investment Bank and raising an extra £2bn to resource it - overall the government could be doing a lot more.

That’s why we’re calling on environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, to make the right choice as she decides whether UK-listed companies should be required to report their carbon emissions. This is one simple step the government could take to show it’s serious about tackling climate change.

Politically, it should be an easy choice. A survey released by the Carbon Trust just this week has found that 70% of the public think UK businesses should be required to disclose their carbon emissions.

This follows another survey last November by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs itself that showed even a majority of businesses thought the benefits of mandatory reporting outweighed the costs.

Let’s make sure Caroline Spelman makes the right decision. Email her now and prove that blue and yellow do make green!


Take action!

Act now!Write to environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, and urge her to make UK firms report their carbon emissions.

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Clare Fussell is a campaigns officer for Christian Aid

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