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Fairtrade and tax justice - the connection

By Alasdair Roxburgh | 3 March 2011

FairtradeWe're in the middle of Fairtrade Fortnight. And while you might think the links between shopping and campaigning are tenuous at best, I'm here to tell you otherwise!

In 1994 you would have been hard pushed to find fairtrade products in your local shops. Now they're everywhere.

This is testament to the power of the Fairtrade brand, which Christian Aid helped set up nearly 20 years ago, but also to the thousands of campaigners across the country who called on shops to stock products that carried it.

In many ways Christian Aid's work on fairtrade started a remarkable chain of campaigns that has looked to tackle some of the economic barriers to development.

From fairtrade we went on to campaign on debt, trade rules, and most recently tax. They are intrinsically linked to each other in being about making economics work for the poor.

So, while fairtrade is about giving farmers a fair price for their products so that they can have their own sustainable income, our Trace the Tax campaign is about ensuring poor countries get the money they are owed by corporations so that they can stand on their own two feet and not be dependent on aid.

So there you have it - not very tenuous at all, really!


Take action!

Act now! Call on David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nicolas Sarkozy to end tax haven secrecy at this year’s G20.


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