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Energy Bill fails to deliver

24 June 2013 | by Luke Harman 

The Energy Bill was debated in Parliament last month and the result should leave us all angered. Despite Christian Aid campaigners' efforts, the Bill did not introduce a clean energy target for limiting the UK’s carbon emissions.

This is a blow to our attempts to ensure the UK takes ambitious action on climate change - and a blow to the millions of people worldwide who are already suffering the effects.

Christian Aid’s senior climate change adviser, Dr Alison Doig, also notes that it sends a very confusing message to the UK’s green energy sector.

All is not lost

Nevertheless, the efforts of Christian Aid supporters and many other organisations in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition made a big difference. Over 90,000 emails were sent to MPs demanding action.

As a result, the amendment for a clean energy target was lost by only 23 votes and there is clear momentum to make sure the issue does not go away as the Bill moves into the House of Lords.

Several peers have already agreed to champion this issue over the coming months.

So the fight for climate justice goes on, and we are optimistic that we can bring new people and new sectors to a growing movement to tackle climate change in the coming years. Watch this space.

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Luke Harman

Luke Harman is Christian Aid's churches campaigns officer.