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Big IF London

Monday 10 June 2013 | By Alasdair Roxburgh

Tens of thousands of Christian Aid and Enough Food For Everyone IF campaigners gathered at the Big IF event in London to demand that world leaders tackle the root causes of global hunger at the G8.

As I reflect on a fantastic Saturday afternoon in Hyde Park I want to say thank you to everyone who joined the Big IF London - an inspiring day filled with prayer, reflection and action to tackle global hunger.


What happened?

'Tax dodging is denying African countries the resources they urgently need to tackle hunger.'

By 11.30am the ecumenical service at Methodist Central Hall was overflowing with thousands of people, leading to impromptu prayer, song and worship in churches across Westminster. Following the service we walked together to Hyde Park where we met with tens of thousands of campaigners to hear a number of speakers, including Danny Boyle and Christian Aid Chair of Trustees Rowan Williams.

Crowd at the #BigIF London G8 event

Bill Gates also spoke at the event, urging the G8 to take action on global hunger: 'Providing developing countries with the means to feed their people is a vital part of lifting these communities out of the cycle of hunger and poverty. This is particularly critical as we await the G8 later this month.'

Al Roxburgh and Alvin Mosioma discussing tax at #BigIF London Christian Aid partner Alvin Mosioma (on right in photo) spoke passionately about the need to tackle tax dodging in the developing world and called on the G8 to take action.

'We cannot be silent as billions of dollars of taxes are drained every year out of Africa and other poor countries by big unscrupulous companies.

'Tax dodging is denying African countries the resources they urgently need to tackle hunger.'

His words were echoed by many of the other speakers calling for the G8 to take action when they meet in Northern Ireland in just over a week.

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