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Rio+20 Earth Summit - a global movement

By Mariana Paoli | 19 June 2012

For us, Rio+20 is a great opportunity to strengthen our global movement against poverty.

For years we have been working closely with partners from the global North and South to generate the political pressure needed to bring about change both in the climate and tax justice campaigns.

In Rio this work is carrying on. From freezing meeting rooms at the official negotiations to hot tents facing the Atlantic ocean at the People’s summit, our staff and partners have been exchanging ideas, experiences, and strategising on the issues that are not only relevant for the Rio+20 agenda but that related to the ongoing fight to tackle poverty.

Climate justice

Along with our Aprodev partners we have launched a new exciting project asking for people around the world to envisage how their ideal world will look in 2030.

What social, economic and environmental changes will have taken place in 18 years?

Are we seeing unstoppable changes in our climate, or will humanity have taken action?

From South African to Bolivia, from Sweden to the Philippines, our partners will start sharing their visions for an ideal world.

Visit the international campaign website www.climatejusticeonline.org  to check some of their messages and share your own ideal world. All messages will be delivered to the UN climate talks.

Tax justice

We have also been among the voices that have brought the tax justice message to the heart of the negotiations showing how an end to financial secrecy could be crucial to pay for sustainable development.

While we're silently pleased to have this issue on the agenda at all, the question is: why on Earth isn't further up?

The challenge for us is to make sure it gets there, and soon. 

Rio Connection

Ask your MP to make the Rio Connection.

Act now!


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